About me

Hi, my name is Matt, on the internet more known as Mtko. I'm a senior electrical student aiming as an electrical engineer in the future; I'm living in Europe (southern region).

I do some programming as well too. I am very interested in server hardware stuff (or IT management) and am very familiar with Linux environment.

I'm currently employed at Arnes, The Academic and Research Network of Slovenia as a system administrator.


As a server/IT manager as a hobby, I'm also the owner of ArtUnionMC. Everyone is welcome, especially those who have artistic talent. We are offering a connection from 2 locations (EU, Asia):

thisisartunion.com, ap.thisisartunion.com

We have a survival server with claims, economy and custom enchantments and countless other features and a dedicated creative server with WorldEdit.


Yes I am streaming on Twitch too in my free time, head over to Twitch page for more info.