You probably came here because you clicked the link on my stream. Welcome!

I'll be posting schedules and updates here as well as some moments I want to share with you guys! They'll be mostly in a post form on the front page.

I'll be happy if you give me a follow to be notified when I'll be live and you can also sub, donate or use bits, if you feel super generous! Thanks for your support!


I am interacting in chat regularly if I can but can't always if I'm actively playing something (like clicking circles in osu).

I have some FFZ (FrankerFaceZ) emotes for usage on my stream, download the extension to use it. I also have Sound Alerts with various sounds if you feel to disturb me express yourself. As always there are chat rules which you can find them here.


If you have a map for me to play it, share it by posting it directly in chat and the bot will send the map to me. If you want me to use mods with it, type it like that:

<link> +mods

Links that aren't from won't be accepted and are going to be moderated. If you have any other link to share, ask me or any moderator for approval.