OBChibi 2023 Grand Finals Incident Part 2

Jun 10, 2023

Almost 2 weeks have passed and updates to the initial post (https://mtkogaming.com/obchibi-2023-grand-finals-incident/)!

As a followup, luxanityy (IamLudak) was caught multiaccounting during the OBChibi 2023 tourney. To those wondering what happened, both accounts were shortly banned from existence.

Another fascinating thing, IamLudak was not only using luxanityy's account for the tourney, IamLudak's account was even participating in another team of the same tourney, which wasn't qualified. So essentially the same guy was participating in 2 completely different teams.

MrNoLife, on osu! more known as a regular referee, did a short recap on this situation: https://youtu.be/30YQi872t2I?t=161.

That's all from me for now! This month will be very limited for me to stream, because finals are happening. Have fun!