Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash


May 7, 2023

Hi, I may left this website inactive for almost 1/2 a year, I definitely should start/continue with posts and probably start something new.

First of all, streaming. Yes I am considering streaming at least once a week due to real life things, I cannot stream 3 times a week nowadays, I will try to do more in summertime, but for now, I'm going to try to do one stream a week, maybe Monday or Saturday, it depends and will stream osu! or Genshin, up to my interest.

Oh right this weird addiction to cosplay riiiight, basically I have been cosplaying once as Gorou from Genshin Impact, pretty plain, only a wig (with ears) and a tail, kind of encouraged me to continue doing that because honestly, I have gained a lot of support there, more than on Twitch (or any other social platform) :wtf:

I may have started doing a lil upgrade to that, Gorou has a bow and I'm going to try 3D printing one and paint that to look like a real one and technically be a casual Gorou (hmm maybe keep my normal casual outfit and be basically a casual Gorou xD).

I've also been thinking of starting to provide some tools and guides and also analytic stuff from what I do every day. I do provide some free tools listed here or describe what I'm using, I am working on a new bot/database for emojis to be seen on a single place.

That's basically all, I'll keep this website updated, you can always reach me on Instagram, somehow keeping this up to date :shrugs:

ait have fun!