Twitch stream 19. May 2022

May 19, 2022

Here are some highlights of my stream on 19th of May 2022

I began on gaining my no mod skill by playing versatile maps such as Electric sister bitch by t+pazolite and almost set a top 5 play which would be the no mod FC.

MtkoGaming - I....hit that??!
Watch MtkoGaming’s clip titled “I....hit that??!”

I got invited to the lobby by Cat Mom Mippy (pog streamer check her out here) and we've played some chill maps as well as some pretty hard ones. It was fun playing!

MtkoGaming - catJAM pog rythm jumps
Watch MtkoGaming’s clip titled “catJAM pog rythm jumps”
MtkoGaming - random popoff
Watch MtkoGaming’s clip titled “random popoff”

I'm still focusing on improving myself in no mod maps for a long run, when I'll master some 6* maps, I'll be ready to rank up by 30k ranks or more.

I'll be away for a duration of 2-3 weeks not streaming as I have the ending of my high school career so next stream will be possibly on 20th and then gonna take a break to complete high school without any issues. Take care!